Update day changed (and species-modeling begins)

First of all, I’ve decided to move updates to Saturday instead of Friday, so that I can split my writing between Thursday and Friday. I’m usually too busy (with classes, homework, club activities, et cetera) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to do any writing, but Thursdays and Fridays are both one-class days, so they work better.

Second, I’m working on creating 3D models of the dragons, angels, and ‘cubi. I’m not much of an artist, and I want these species to be properly avian, and capable of flight (no, they do not use magic to fly), so it’s going to take a while. I’m starting with the dragons, since the angels and ‘cubi evolved from them. After I have a dragon model I’m comfortable with, I’ll make it look more human and turn it into the angel model, and then some further modifications to make the ‘cubus model. There are three reasons I’m doing this: one, to give people some help visualizing the characters, two, so that I can make ads and such to draw more attention to the series, and three, to help me figure out what the hell the characters look like. Can’t design their physical appearance properly unless I can actually see it. There’s also the fact that I keep forgetting what I already said about their appearance, and coming up with new stuff that contridicts it. After I get it nailed down somewhat, I’ll probably need to go through and redact all the inconsistencies.

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