theWriter sucks

I’m probably going to be late with this week’s chapter. Sorry.

The main problem is that I just don’t know what happens next. I’ve been figuring it out chapter-by-chapter (for the most part), which turns out to be a horrible to do this. So I need to sit down and try to plan out the rest of the arc a little better, so I at least know where I’m trying to lead the story. That’s the main thing that makes it hard to write a chapter every week: knowing what to write. Actually writing it only takes a few hours, but deciding what to write… that takes a lot longer, and tends to rely on inspiration hitting me when I’m in the shower. So hopefully, once I have a better plan, I’ll be able to do this a bit more reliably.

(Also, I had a meeting about a summer job today, I have a required guest lecture tonight and a response to it due tomorrow for one of my classes, and the site crashed today and I had to figure out how to fix it.)

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