It can be hard to find good things to read, so here are some links to what I like, for anyone looking to check them out:



Haven’t found any good webserials yet (feel free to give me recommendations). In terms of online reading, I mainly do webcomics. Anyway, here’re the comics I read (in order of when I discovered them):

Sequential Art— First webcomic I got into. Updates when the author feels like it, from what I can tell. Updates are regular, just unscheduled. Furry webcomic. Mostly comedy.

DMFA— Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures–updates Mondays and Fridays. Furry webcomic, very much an inspiration for MW:ADC.

Project Future— Furry webcomic–sensing a theme here?– set in the same universe as DMFA. More of a sci-fi aspect to it than DMFA. Set in the future.

Slightly Damned— Another furry one, though the creator does not call it a “furry webcomic” because its appeal is irrelevant of any furriness. Involves angels, demons, hell, etc. Comedy.

Alien Dice— not furry, for once. Just started reading it, but it’s REALLY good. Has a much different feel. Non-comedy. Plot comes early, and comes thick. Unfortunately, the archives are a mess, so it’s a little hard to read.

Bloodline— another furry webcomic on, about anthropomorphic wolves with magic.


Maximum Ride– series by James Patterson.
Anything by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

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