As I mentioned in my bio (on the About page), I’m also an independent game developer. I’m doing programming, writing, and shitty business and management stuff for Alicrow Entertainment, a tiny startup game dev comapny (though not an official, legal company yet).

Initially, I was working on making my own game creation system, as I couldn’t find a suitable one (has to allow working on Linux, not be bloated, and have the tools that game designers demand). Then I discovered the Godot Engine, an MIT-licensed engine with features comparible to Unity’s. Not a well-known player, and currently not a graphical powerhouse, but I hope to help fix that. Godot seems like the best bet to provide a proper open source, cross-platform solution for indie gam dev.

Alicrow Entertainment’s first game, tentatively titled “Light and Dark”, is a 3D action-adventure/platformer/RPG set in Alicrow, a long time after the events of MW:ADC. The world is now slowly being consumed by the Light and the Dark, two powerful gods that threaten to forever destroy the balance of the world.

Amidst this chaos, two heros set out for the mythical Tree of Knowledge, a tree said rumored to possess absolute knowledge. Whoever finds the Tree will have access to all the answers, and will become a god. But our heroes have no interest in anything so lofty. They only seek answers to their own personal questions. Naturally, they’ll end up in way over their heads and discover a lot of uncomfortable truths.

One of the main characters from MW:ADC will play a large (playable!) role in the latter part of the game. I won’t say who, but they’re one of my personal favorites.

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  1. Dreugan

    This sounds like a dream come true. Have you got a GitHub repository or similar from which I could check out your code? I have been looking for something properly cross platform for ages.

    1. theWriter Post author

      Glad you’re interested in SOTE! What area of game dev do you work in?
      Also, how the heck did you manage to find this page? I don’t remember ever linking to it from anywhere, and I doubt my search engine ranking is that high…
      I set up a Github mirror at, so you can check out the code. It’s still in the early stages of development, so don’t expect much. Right now the “game editor” is just an ugly text editor. But I managed to find another programmer to help me out, and once we find an artist and a designer, we’re going to make a startup company creating games with SOTE, and things will really pick up.

  2. blue

    I have no idea how I could help, but I am interested in helping any way I can. This seemslike it would be fun. Found you through

    1. theWriter Post author

      Probably the easiest way you (or anyone) could help–other than just encouragement–will be to try it out and give feedback and suggestions for improvement. There’s not much to see right now, but once we’re a little further along and actually have something semi-presentable, feedback will help us make improvements.

      Speaking of feedback… are you reading the webserial? Since you got here through, I assume you came looking for something to read, not a cross-platform game framework.

  3. blue

    It is rather good. Kinda jumpy with the different point of view jumping, but still good.
    It might help the read if instead of just a name, there is something likecolor or font change to signify a different individual.

    The cross platform game framework was just a bonus. XD


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