Go ahead. I want to hear from people. It tells me you’re interested.
Questions, feedback, offers for link exchange, philosophical rantings… as long as it’s not spam, I’ll be overjoyed to read it.
(Seriously, at this point, my most active visitors are the spammers I get. That’s depressing.)

Sorry. Contact form plugin is broken now. Crashes the site, so I had to deactivate it. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Crystal

    Hey there your contact form is broken or maybe something. I just wanted to send word that you are awesome this is fun and I hope there’s more to come!

    1. theWriter Post author

      Thanks for telling me about the contact form issue. It’s fixed now.

      And thank you very much for alerting me to my awesomeness! Glad to know you’re enjoying my work. I have Google Analytics set up to tell me how much traffic I get, but it can’t tell me whether people are actually reading the story, or what they think of it.

      There will most certainly be more to come. I’m a fan of long-running series where you really get to know the characters, the world, the plot, et cetera, and I intend to keep MW:ADC running for as long as possible.

      And with that, I should probably get to work on writing the next chapter. And maybe, just maybe, finally get myself a frickin’ buffer.


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