Chapter 74

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The silence was finally broken by a loud siren.

I jumped to my feet and grabbed my bag of hunting supplies from the other room.

After grabbing the bag, I noticed Alex hadn’t moved from the couch. “Huh? What–what’s going on?” he asked.

“An attack! Didn’t you–” I realized that he probably hadn’t ever been through a ‘cubi attack drill. “‘Cubi are attacking the Academy. Those who can fight are supposed to grab weapons and protect those who can’t.”

“Oh. Gotcha.” He glanced at my bag. “I take it you come prepared?”

I brought the bag over to him and opened it up, revealing knives, a crossbow, poisons, and various other dragon-slaying tools.

“Nice collection.”

I grabbed the crossbow and a few knives. “Take whatever you want.”


Quickly.” I strapped a knife to my arm.

“Sorry. Not much of a weapons guy. I usually just light people on fire.”

“Right. Use your fire.” I handed him a knife. “But take this, anyway. Might come in handy.” I closed up the bag and hurried to the door.

Alex didn’t follow.

“Alex? Come on, we need to protect the–”

“Yeah, about that… uh… I’m a lover, not a fighter, so…”

“Oh, come on! We’re under attack, Alex! It doesn’t matter what you–”

“Not everyone likes murder!”


“…” He looked away.

“…” I sighed.

BOOM!! The door broke down, knocking me down with it.

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