Chapter 70

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<@Aiinacs> Zack: I did a bit of digging online. Looking into that warehouse.
<Zack> Any luck?
<@Aiinacs> Not much.
<@Aiinacs> Obviously they didn't post Twitter updates about their top secret research.
<Zack> Too bad.
<@Aiinacs> But I managed to piece some stuff together.
<@Aiinacs> Seems like things were fairly normal up until a few months ago, when they suddenly hired a bunch of researchers. Genetic engineers, magicians, biologists... I'd guess that's when they started running experiments on the symbiont.
<Zack> Any clue what they were doing with it?
<@Aiinacs> Nope.
<@Aiinacs> I'm looking into the company that runs the place now. I figure the research here might be part of something bigger.
<Zack> Good idea.
<Zack> While you're at it... There's someone else I'd like you to look into.
<@Aiinacs> Who?
<Zack> Luke's brother.
<@Aiinacs> He has a brother?
<Zack> Yeah. I met him last night, when he tied me to the bed and pretended he was going to rape me.
<@Aiinacs> I hope that was sarcasm.
<Zack> I wish.
<Zack> He's creepy. Likes to mess with people. And Luke says he's a god, too. With total omniscience.
<Zack> And it sounds like he stole the symbiont from the warehouse.
<@Aiinacs> Do you know his name?
<Zack> Lucifer.
<@Aiinacs> Interesting. I've heard that name before.
<Zack> Comes from a very well-known character in a really old book.
<@Aiinacs> No. Recently.
<@Aiinacs> He was the one who told Alex to unseal his power so he could save Lilly.
<@Aiinacs> I think it's safe to assume that was the same person. Unless there's another omniscient incubus mortal god named Lucifer.
<@Aiinacs> Which seems doubtful.
<Zack> I don't think it was a coincidence that Luke ended up at the Lab.
<@Aiinacs> Agreed.
<@Aiinacs> You think he's up to something?
<Zack> Luke?
Aiinacs nods.
<Zack> Maybe.
Zack sighs.
<Zack> I guess it's worth looking into Luke as well.
<Zack> He seems like a good kid, but... we don't really know anything about him.
<@Aiinacs> I'll tell you what I find.
<Zack> Thanks.

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