Chapter 59

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“I can’t believe He wants us to watch this.” Lilly shook her head. “We’re supposed to be saving the world, and–”

“We’re learning about the magic of friendship,” I told her.

She rolled her eyes.

The mysterious god-on-a-tablet guy had instructed Flutter, Lilly, and I to watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic together.

I finished setting up the projector, hit “play” on the laptop, and settled into the chair between Lilly and Flutter.

It’s actually a really good show. Don’t let the colorful ponies scare you away.

“Do we really have to watch this?” Lilly asked as the episode started.

Yes.” I glared at her.

“Fine. One episode.”

“Shut up and watch the ponies.”


Five minutes in, I snuck a quick glance at Lilly. She was smiling, but stopped as soon as she realized I was looking at her.

Too ashamed to admit she likes it, even a little.

Well, I thought, We’ll see how long that lasts.


I hit “stop” at the end of the first episode.

“Hey, don’t–” Lilly stopped herself.

“What? You said you were only willing to sit through one episode, so… I mean, unless you want to keep going…”

“I–no, no, of course not. It’s…”

“No? You don’t want to see how they defeat Nightmare Moon and stop her reign of eternal night?”


“Um…” Flutter spoke up, “I–I wouldn’t mind watching another episode… If–if that’s okay…

“Fine by me,” I said, “I love this show. But Lilly, if you’re not up to it… feel free to leave…”

“No. No, that’s okay,” Lilly said quickly, “I’ll–um… I’ll watch another episode with you. Just to… um…”

I smiled and hit “play”.


One pony-filled episode later…

“I had no idea this show was so good,” Flutter said.

I nodded and turned my attention to Lilly.

“It–it was better than I expected,” she admitted. “But I–I still don’t see why we had to do this.”

“It’s probably a message.” I shrugged. “We’re supposed to get to know each other, be friends, et cetera.”

Sure... let's go with that, the mysterious god said through bold letters on the projector.

“By the way… do you have a name? ‘Cause it’s kinda annoying to have to refer to you as ‘the mysterious god who communicates through text on electronic devices’…”

To reveal my true name could have catastrophic consequences for the universe. But I understand your desire to call me something... you may call me 'The Doctor'.

“Do you actually have a doctorate?”

I don't need one.

“I’m not calling you The Doctor unless you have a doctorate. Or you’re a Time Lord.”


In that case... as of this moment, I now officially hold a doctorate in your world. Doctorate of Philosophy in Being God. Happy now?

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