Chapter 52

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What am I doing? I asked myself, I’m the presence of God Himself, and… and I…

I knelt down, bowing my head in reverence. “Thank you, Lord. Thank you for forgiving this sinner. I–I had no right to speak on your behalf.” Such a sin, from an angel, no less… there should be no forgiveness for this. And yet… “You are truly merciful”

Alex held the tablet in front of me so I could see the message.

Did I ever say you were forgiven?


The angels were created to act as divine servants. To protect this world from evil. You have chosen to forsake your divine purpose. You have fallen victim to your own weakness, given in to your desires. Rather than battle evil, you have embraced it. You have fallen, child.

“No. I–I’m sorry. I–”

You have all fallen. All the angels. They have sown destruction and war. Violence and bloodshed. The hatred, the blood lust... we must stop it, before it devours the world.

Lilly, my sweet fallen angel, the time has come for you to rise again.

“Rise…” I blinked. “To Heaven?”

You seek forgiveness, and forgiveness I offer. Others would see you die for your actions, but I would rather put you to work righting these wrongs.

“What do you want us to do?” Alex asked.

Angels have great faith in their Church. They follow the teachings of the Church, and if they disagree, they work to strengthen their faith and align their beliefs. This system was designed to unite the angels and prevent individuals from going rogue. To that end, it is a great success. However, it has one fatal flaw: it assumes the Church acts for the greater good. The Church relies on prophets to acquire orders from Above, and as you well know, the Church does not always choose the right people.

Flutter is the only true prophet this academy has had in a long time. The others are either lying for their own self-interest, or are deceived by some malevolent entity. You must expose the fakes for what they are, and show the Church that the true message is one of peace.

“You mean… you want us to become real prophets?”

Exactly. You have a wonderful message, of peace and understanding. I fear it will fall upon deaf ears, but with a few alterations, we can turn it into one that the Church can accept.

I smiled. He liked my message. He hates this bloodshed as much as I do. Out of all the angels in the world, God chose me because deep in my heart, I knew what He was really like. And that–that makes me worthy of being His prophet.

“Um, question,” Alex said, “Why the heck do you need us? You’ve got an insane amount of magic, right? Should be enough to make the Church suddenly change their minds and–”

Of course. But where's the fun in that?

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