Chapter 37

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“Is training really necessary?” I asked, “All we need to do is get revelations and tell people about them, right? Doesn’t seem like there’s much for us to learn.”
“It’s more than that,” Lilly explained, “Prophets are… they’re seen as leaders. It’s more than just having prophecies, it’s convincing people to act according to those prophecies. Most prophets also try to do some kind of public service. Healing the sick, answering prayers, that kind of thing. Tells people that God cares about them.”
“Exactly.” Father John nodded. “It is not enough to simply tell people the Word of God. You need to make them listen. You need to perform miracles and show them the power that The Lord has bestowed upon you.”
“And… what happens after we’re done?”
Father John frowned. “What do you mean?”
“Well, at some point, there won’t be any revelations left to tell people, right? Assuming we get everyone to follow the new orders… what then?”
“You die.”
“What.” I stared.
“God placed you upon this Earth so that you may fulfill your destiny. Once you’ve fulfilled it, you will have no reason to go on living, and will be taken up into Heaven so that you may serve God there.”
“Okay, let me get this straight.” I took a deep breath. Stay calm. “We have to devote our lives to trying to end a war that’s been going on for thousands of years, and if we somehow succeed, and create world peace, then we just die so we can continue serving in the afterlife? What kind of shitty deal is that?”
“I don’t understand why this upsets you.”
“You’re kidding, right?” I rolled my eyes. “I don’t understand how you–or anyone–can be okay with being forced to devote their entire life–and afterlife, apparently–to servitude.”
“It’s–it’s what we’re made for, Alex,” Lilly said, “We’re… we’re supposed to…” She looked at me. Sighed. “I’m sorry. I–I don’t know what to tell you.” She laid her arm on my shoulder. “The Church says we have to… the Church… says…” A long pause. “Father John?”
“Could you… could you give us a moment alone, by any chance? I… I think Alex needs…”
“Of course. We can begin your lessons tomorrow, if you wish.”
“Yeah… thanks. That would be… great.” She was staring into space.
“You okay?” I asked once the priest was out of earshot.
“Yeah… I just… I have an idea. I… I think we could make this work. The–the prophet thing. It could… work to our advantage.”
“What are you talking about?”
“The Church says angels are meant to serve God. But… what if we say otherwise? That God won’t mind if people take control of their own lives. And that… that we’re going to live our own lives.”
I shook my head. “It would never work. We’d be going up against one of the core ideas of the Angelic Church, and saying that we reject our ‘destiny’. Nobody would ever believe us.”
“You’re wrong. They’ll believe us.” She smiled wickedly, reminding me of Lucifer, the sadistic incubus who forced me to unleash my powers. “I can make them believe anything I want.”

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