Chapter 28

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So, let’s review: Lilly is trained to murder dragons. I am a dragon. Yup, my situation kinda sucks.
Well, technically, I’m two-thirds dragon, one-third angel (approximately). If you’re wondering how that works: it’s magic.
And science.
And a long story.
Once upon a time, before the “Dragon Conflict” (or “that thing where (almost) all the dragons were systematically murdered”), the dragons discovered human civilization, and, curious to see what would come of it, studied the humans, careful to keep their presence undetected.
But they didn’t like what they saw. The humans were highly distrustful of magic. They would commonly banish or even kill anyone found to possess powerful magic. Those banished were sentenced to wander forever, marked as outcasts. The dragons felt they had to do something, so they contacted many of the banished magicians, and offered to let them join the dragons.
The dragons treated the human outcasts as equals, and welcomed them into their society. Despite this, the humans often felt left out. They could not fly with their winged friends, their magic was much weaker, their skin provided little protection compared to dragon scales, and they didn’t have tails (You’d be amazed how useful a dragon’s tail is). In order to fit in properly, they would need to enhance themselves with dragon traits.
A project was soon launched, seeking a reliable method of making a human more dragon-like. They created a series of rituals to form a powerful mental bond between a human and a dragon, and use that bond to force the human’s body to take on traits of the dragon. The results were impressive: the human now had scales, a tail, and wings. Beyond that, though, was the bond between the dragon the human. They each had direct access to each other’s magic, and working together, they could perform magic at a much greater level than any dragon is capable of alone.
These improved humans soon became known as “dragon riders”, for the common practice of them flying on their dragon’s back (their own wings were really only good for gliding, and soaking up sun).
Dragon riders soon became an integral part of the dragon society. They served as a link between the human and dragon segments of the population, and helped settle any disputes between the two species. They were a symbol of unity. Eventually, the conversion rituals were adapted to allow a dragon and an angel to join in the same way. That’s where it gets interesting.
Angels and dragons already have a lot of DNA in common (it’s theorized that angels may even have evolved from primitive dragons). So the effects of the bond are a bit different. Both angel and dragon are altered (mostly the angel, though), and their genomes kind of converge. To the point that (with some magical help) they’re capable of producing offspring together.
That’s what I am. The offspring of a dragon and their angel rider. A rare creature called a phoenix.
And before you ask, I have no frickin’ idea how angel + dragon = “auto-resurrection”.

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