Chapter 25

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They’re catching up, I thought frantically, I should have lost them by now.
I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t on the run. Or in a hospital, hoping to heal before they find me again.
Usually I can lose them once I’m in the air. The right wind makes all the difference, and I control the winds.
But this time… they were just too fast. Or I was too slow. Too drained from… something. How long had I been flying? As usual, my memory failed me. I’d woken up in the air, already being chased.
Angels. About a dozen of them, last I counted. All determined to see my head on a pike, it’s safe to assume. Hunters, looking for stray ‘cubi like me.
No. There’s more to it than that. They’re too… determined. ‘Cubi can’t sense minds as well as angels can, but I was good enough to tell that these weren’t the usual angel death squad. They want me specifically. And they’re not going to let me go.
“Aaah!” I felt something pierce my leg.
I turned my head back to look. An arrow. They must have some serious skill to shoot accurately in flight.
“Got you, hellspawn!” One of them shouted.
I felt my magic slipping away. The arrow must have been enchanted to drain magic. Standard enchantment for law enforcement, except this one was way more powerful.
I reached out towards the arrow’s magic, analyzing the patterns for some indication of origin. If I was going to die, I wanted to at least know who killed me.
Analysis quickly confirmed the arrow wasn’t made for catching criminals, or killing ‘cubi. It was designed to take down something way more powerful.
And now, they were using it to hunt down gods like me.
I had to lose them now, or I was toast.
Land, I told myself, The air doesn’t give me any advantage without magic. But the ground… Choose a narrow spot, and they’ll have to take turns landing. I could at least lose a couple of them.
I scanned ahead, looking for a place to land. Out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded in forest. No lakes or… There! A building with a flat roof!
Not an ideal landing strip, but it would work.
I waited till the last moment, then turned and dived down, heading for a rough landing.
And praying that the building would turn out to be a hospital, ready to save my life.

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