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Pure Evil

Some of you may have noticed that MW:ADC is still on hiatus. My original plan was to just take some time over the summer to try to get things organized, and then go back to regular (or at least semi-regular) updates in the fall. Clearly, that’s not what happened.

I’ll admit that I didn’t end up spending as much time on MW:ADC as I had planned. Things were pretty busy over the summer, since I spent most of it working on an Android app for a professor. (The app turned out quite well, though). And then classes started up again, and once again it got pretty busy, especially since I’m trying to deal with the whole job-search process.

And then, I stumbled on an idea for a new story (or rather, ideas for characters and setting. Haven’t decided on the plot yet).

I made a lot of mistakes with MW:ADC (lack of planning being the main one), and I think I’m better off starting fresh, with something more manageable. Something with 32-chapter arcs (or even 16), instead of MW:ADC’s 128-chapter arcs. Something with humanoid characters that I can actually draw.

I’m still working on the specifics, but the main characters are Kyle and Liz. Liz is a greed demon. Lawyer. Makes magically-binding contracts–e.g. for human souls–that cannot be broken. Kyle Luciferson, a.k.a “Kyle the Fluffy”, is a shape-shifting pride demon who claims he has the world’s softest fur.

Current working title is “Pure Evil”. Also, I might make it a webcomic rather than a webserial, since I recently started drawing.

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Time to get organized

Exams and essays are out of the way now, but I’ve decided to take some more time off from writing new chapters, and instead focus on getting myself organized, planning out the rest of this arc, and revising some of the earlier chapters.

When I started writing MW:ADC, I was trying to get out of a horrible writing slump. I needed to just get myself writing, get a story going. So I didn’t really plan things out. And then, writing a chapter every week, on top of all the other stuff in my life… it’s basically just been “write the first thing that comes to mind”. That’s why some of the chapters are really bad: I was just focusing on getting something written, even if it wasn’t very good. I think that approach was essential for getting myself out of that slump, but that slump ended a while ago, and I need to focus on getting my best work out there now.

Please Don’t Sacrifice Me To the God of Having-A-Frickin’-Buffer

I’ve spent all week writing an essay on how the notion of private property fundamentally changed sacrifice for my “Sacrifice: Violence and Ritual” class. Not as fun as it sounds, believe me.

I need to take a little break from writing, and I still don’t have a buffer, so… this week’s update will be delayed or possibly skipped. I might get the chapter done over the weekend, or I might just wait for next week’s update.



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