Aleister Claypool (Alex)

Species: Phoenix
Likes: Soft things, fire, heavy metal, programming, GNU/Linux
Dislikes: Being without his feathers. Bigotry. Ms. Slaphappy. Dying.
Beliefs: Eclectic Witch. (Or “Wiccan” if you wanna keep it simple).
Abilities: Fire god. Can create fire, heal, and write cool open-source computer programs (yes, programming is part of his magical god power)



Species: Angel
Likes: reading
Dislikes: mind control
Beliefs: Christian. Lilly has fairly liberal and tolerant beliefs, but she was raised to ignore her personal beliefs because they lacked authority.
Abilities: mind control



Species: Incubus
Likes: Watching people suffer, eating souls deep-fried in peanut butter.
Dislikes: ???
Beliefs: “Morals are mere societal constructs. There is no good. No evil. We assign meaning to actions in an effort to control the populace. It is all a lie.”
Abilities: Omniscience. Creepiness.



Species: Sentient A.I.
Likes: GNU/Linux, open source software, video games, hacking (white hat only)
Dislikes: Microsoft and Apple
Interesting fact: His name is an acronym. I’d like to hear people try to guess what it is.
Abilities: Code-cracking, gaming, programming, basically anything computer-related.



Species: Incubus
Likes: Reading
Dislikes: ???
Beliefs: Thelema
Abilities: ???


Future Characters


Tanner “The Napster” Moose

Species: Werecat
Likes: Naps, toy mice, naps, tummy rubs, naps, Friskies…
Dislikes: TBA
Beliefs: TBA
Abilities: Napping. Being adorable. Jumping on the table when you’re not paying attention.